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Now you can buy BC Bud Seeds online from anywhere in the world. BC Seeds are now legal in Canada so you can also grow the best BC Bud globally. Canada has a law that you can buy and possess Canadian Marijuana Seeds. This is great news for Canucks that are sick from smoking crappy corporate weed. If you want the best you have to grow it yourself. So buy your own Canadian weed seeds, we ship worldwide and we use an excellent proven stealth shipping method to countries like Australia, USA, Japan and New Zealand.

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Top 12 BC Cannabis Strains

Movers and shakers for the 2022 Top 12 BC Marijuana Strains. Below are this years top twelve cannabis strains. These are our most popular strains selling for the Spring grow season in North America which consist of Canada and the United States of America. Most of our Canadian customers buying up these strains live in BC, Ontario, Quebec, and in USA; Colorado, Montana, California, New Mexico and Michigan.

Why Buy BC Seeds?

You should only buy BC Seeds because they're premium! And they're premium because they're grown in British Columbia, the best climate in the world for cannabis seed production. Don't forget that all the best breeders end up or started in BC because of this truth. So if you're into the latest bleeding edge marijuana strains, you need to be where the action is and that's on the BC Islands in Canada. If you want top grow the best BC Bud from seed, you need to order your seeds from us. We have all the greatest strains Canadians love to grow. So take action and buy the greatest seeds in the world knowing you'll get fast stealth shipping from a reputable Canadian Seed Bank that's been established since 2009. We're your Trusted Canadian Seed Bank Reddit.